Frequently Asked Questions

Does my son/daughter need any prior water polo or swimming experience to take this class?

Polo Buddies doesn't require any prior water polo experience, however all students must be deep end safe.  That means if your child was placed in the deep end of a pool he or she could easily and safely swim to the side.

How do I sign up my child?

Find the pool location and time that is most convenient for you.

Find the sign up information for each pool located on our Classes Page, and call or go online to sign up.

Each Pool has it's own sign up process.

Sign up early because our classes tend to fill up!

What do students bring and wear to class?

Boys can wear either jammers, speedos, or board shorts to class.  Girls must wear one piece suits.  All students must bring goggles.  Those students with long hair should wear a swim cap.

What are the requirements for inclusion in the class?

All students must be deep end safe, able to follow verbal directions, and must be able to work in a group class.  For those students who require private lessons, please check out the private adaptive classes available at Splash La Mirada and the Fullerton YMCA.